10 pieces of life advice from an 85 yr old guru.

Tonight I gave my 85 year old great aunty a ring and an hour and a half later we wrapped up the chat. The long call got me thinking that I’m really lucky to have her in my little life and I wish she could touch more people with her words of wisdom. SO, the natural thing for me to do was to turn to my blog and shout from the rooftops just how bloody brilliant my great aunty Sylvia really is.

Who is this wonderful woman? Well, she’s 85, lives in Spain on her own, speaks ‘Spanglish’, has so many animals she could own a zoo (literally, there are even peacocks), she has sass for days, is currently reading a book called ‘Turn Your Age Off’, is a true fashionista and is the wisest woman I’ve ever met.

So here ya go, I’ve written up some of the life lessons that great aunty Sylvia has taught me over the years cos, well, we could all do with some words of wisdom every now and then couldn’t we 🌟?

1- “Always think positive.”
This is the most important lesson that aunty Sylvia has taught me and one that I would say she ranks at the top of her list. She says that being able to maintain a positive attitude no matter what situation you are in will definitely boost your chances of succeeding and will generally affect all aspects of your life is a fabulous way.

2- “Never sell yourself short.”
This can be a tough one but selling yourself short is so detrimental to any sort of progression in whatever you decide to pursue. So try to be more confident… even just a little bit, because you’re doing better than you think you are.

3- “Worrying is a waste of energy.”
If you inherently worry about things (🙋🏻) then this is a difficult one, but no matter how hard you worry it’s not going to change anything. So just live in the moment and appreciate the here and now peeps.

4- “It’ll all be alright in the end and if it’s not alright, the end hasn’t come yet.”
Perseverance is a marvellous trait. She says stick at whatever it is that you want to conquer and don’t let a couple of bumps in the road knock you because you’ll find a way to make it ‘all alright in the end’. You just will.

5- “Opportunities don’t stay long, don’t let them pass you by.”
Say yes to things more often because every opportunity you grasp brings with it new experiences and new people, which ultimately helps you to grow as a person. Sounds cliché but it’s legit!

6-“Age is just a number.”
Don’t ever feel that you have to be at a certain place at a certain age because that’s BS. You do you and as long as you’re happy you’re doing it right!

7- “Avoid people who have a negative attitude.”
*AVOID MOOD HOOVERS AT ALL COSTS* they will just bring you down and ain’t nobody got time for that 👋🏼.

8- “Live each day like it is your last… but we hope we’ll see you tomorrow.”
Have a blast! (but don’t be an idiot).

9- “Always have a project.”
Aunty Sylvia says a lot of people get caught up in life and abandon things that they once loved doing, their ‘project’. Pick back up that thing that you once loved doing. Make time for your project.

10- “You are gifted, don’t ever forget that.”
Your gift doesn’t have to be intelligence, sport or music. It can be as simple as being a friend, being kind, being someone who others can share a laugh with or even smiling at a stranger.

So there ya have it, a little bit of food for thought from a wise ass woman. Whatever you’re up to today, have a good’un!

Amen sista  🙌.



  • Catherine Leslie
    1 year ago

    Morning Amos, loved these words of wisdom from Auntie Sylvia. Live by them and you won’t go far wrong 🤗. See ya both v soon xx

    • Amy
      1 year ago

      Can’t wait to see you lot Cath!! xx

  • Possy
    1 year ago

    Fantastic darl xxx

    • Amy
      1 year ago

      Thanks pops xxx

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