8 Reasons why Prague is the perfect long weekend get away

Prague really does provide to goods and it is the perfect long weekend get away! Whether it be a romantic trip with your other half or a weekend away with the girls or guys it will not disappoint.

Jimmy surprised me with a trip to Prague as a Christmas present (well done Jim 👏) and it was such an amazing trip. We went in March and here’s a word of advice if you plan to go around this time of year, pack a scarf, gloves AND a hat — it was bloody freezing! Despite the cold we managed to pack a lot into the three days we had in Prague, it’s the type of city where you can and I absolutely fell in love with it!

So here are 8 reasons why Prague really is perfect:

1. You can do loads for free

There’s so so so much free stuff that you can do in Prague so if you’re travelling on a budget its plain sailing. A ‘freebie must do’ is a walk to the top of Petřín Hill. Petřín Hill is a 327-meter-high hill in the centre of Prague with the most amazing view point — definitely worth the trip to the top! I’m not going to lie, you’ve got to be prepared to put the steps in so pack a bottle of water and don’t forget the camera because you’ll be snappy happy up there 📸!

If walking isn’t your thing then just walking around the streets of ‘The City of One Hundred Spires’ is entertaining in itself, the architecture is truly amazing and just as impressive from ground level as it is from a height! Cue the sore neck.

2. River cruise along the Vlatva River

The river cruises that endlessly go up and down the Vlatva river are just wonderful. Jimmy and I had a fabulous evening cruising along the river listening to live jazz music and eating the most amazing salmon and creamy potatoes on the planet!

I didn’t know we were spending the Saturday evening cruising along the river, this was a surprise Jim kept up his sleeve, so when he was rushing me to get ready I was wondering why he was being such a stress head…. I soon realised why he was rushing me when we were legging it along the river at 7.26pm to make a 7.30pm reservation. It’s not the kind of thing you can be a little late for I suppose (it’s not often the restaurant floats away if you get there late). We got there just in time, thank goodness we ran it was the best night!!

3. Old Town Square

Old Town quare is a real vibrant hub with lots going on. The historic square is in the old town quarter of Prague and although it’s a little more expensive to eat and drink here than some other areas, it is still cheap for a Brit 🍻!

4. Lennon Wall

Lennon Wall is insane and filled with so much history. What was once just a normal wall in the 1980s has now been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti. The John Lennon pub, just around the corner from the wall (Hroznova 495/6), is a cool place to go for a beer to round off the whole experience.

5. Trdelník

I ate a lot more than my fair share of these wonderful doughy, curly, glorious things! Trdelník is made from rolled dough wrapped around a long stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and chocolate, or walnut or ice-cream or many many other sweet treats. They really are worth indulging in 😋.

6. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is the historical bridge that crosses the Vlatva river and it’s such a picturesque part of the city. We spent hours wandering up and down Charles Bridge watching the buskers and the caricature artists do their thing. There’s lots of people selling things on the bridge too so its souvenir central! Our favourite busker was this guy- we must’ve listened to his whole album!

7. Prague Castle

It felt like we walked forever to get to Prague Castle, it’s a very steep walk! It probably felt steeper for me though because of all of the Trdelnik I ate. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t roll back down. When we finally got to the castle it was beautiful. According to the Guinness Book of World Records Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world — deffo one to tick off the list!

8. Astronomical Clock

The astronomical clock in Prague is the oldest astronomical clock in the world that is still operating. It was first installed in 1410 and still looks as vibrant as ever, the colours are mesmerizing! With the clock being located in the Old Town Square, it’s an easy one to tick off the list!

So there ya go. Prague wins for being full of culture, good food, great things to do and all for not a lot of dolla. The perfect weekend get away!



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  • Mam sent Jim and I out for a belated birthday brunch yesterday (she’s a true diamond and I miss her so bloody much), we went to @luckypennychapel and omg 🤤🤤. I always go sweet cos Jim always goes savoury so that means I get the best of both worlds 💁🏻‍♀️🐷. It was delish and I deffo recommend 👌🏻. In other news we bought a plant for the new apartment today (a peace lilly) and Jim has named it Treesa May 🙄. We now have Treesa May, Planthony Hopkins and Angelina Growlee. #welcometothejungle #votelabour
  • Had the BEST surprise bday trip weekend in Tasmania thanks to Jim 🤩. We had a jam packed weekend and got about 5 hours of sleep the whole time but omg sooooo much fun. Tasmania is absolutely beautiful and we’ll be going back for sure but Hobart is totally doable in a weekend, 10/10 would recommend! I’ll get round to writing up a post about our antics but we’re currently moving flat and it’s proving to be quite difficult so I’m catching up on suits (how good?!), making my way through a bottle of wine and forgetting all of my responsibilities 🍷✌🏻
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  • Approx 5 mins after this pic was taken the heavens opened and I ended up looking like a drowned rat 👍🏻. Just another typical day in Melbourne 🙃
  • Jim capturing the sheer joy I was feeling earlier in Fawkner Park cos OMG SO MANY DOGS 🐶. Happy Sunday to ya 🌟

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