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Crimbo in the sun

I haven’t had a good old ramble for about a month or so now so strap yourself in cos I’ve got a lot to tell ya!

At the beginning of December we had a friend from home come and stay with us so we spent two weeks showing him around the city and taking him to all of the best spots. We ate a LOT of good food and drank a lot of Victoria Bitter, it was great! We ventured out to the Dandenong Ranges to indulge in a spot of nature and we just about managed the Kokoda memorial walk, which consists of 1000 steps! It was very steep and very bloody sweaty but nonetheless we did it. At the bottom of the trail there were a ton of public BBQs so we took advantage of those and chilled in the sun (and put all of the calories we’d just burnt firmly back on). There were so many people there enjoying the sun and good food in a beautiful spot. Great way to spend a Sunday!

Wanna eat this corn on the cob all over again 🤤

Then, before I knew it, it was Christmas! Having the festive season in the sun, away from home and loved ones was really really strange. I didn’t really know how I was going to feel about Crimbo day. I didn’t know if I’d be emosh about being away from my nearest and dearest, or excited to experience a different kind of Christmas… or just really drunk (that’s a normal kind of Christmas in my family 🥂). Anyway, it turns out that I did really miss my family and friends but I wasn’t sad… probs because I Facetimed them about 3 times! It was a really different kind of Christmas and because it was incomparable to a ‘normal’ one it was a lot easier being away from home than I initially thought it would be.

So, how did the day pan out? We woke up and Jim and I opened some prezzies that our families had sent over for us as well as prezzies from one another. That was lush. Then we had Christmas dinner with a few friends before heading to St Kilda beach. I was wearing a bloody bikini on Christmas day, not something a Northerner can often say. The beach was absolutely rammed with Europeans getting ‘on it’ as we say up North. There was a Gazebo in the middle of thousands of people and everyone was dancing in shorts and Santa hats. Mad! It was such a fun day. If I’m honest it didn’t really feel like Christmas day at all, it kinda felt like a Christmas-themed mini festival. Probably because it was so far removed from any Christmas day I’ve had before. I made a mate called Oliver who literally fell on top of me with only a pair of duds on 👍🏻, I know what a lucky lady I am. He joined our group for a bit, drank a cider we gave him, told us about how he somehow lost his dungarees then stumbled on with his poor mate who was lumbered with him on a mission to find his clothes. Don’t even want to begin to imagine how his head was feeling on Boxing Day! We rounded off the day with a $5 pizza from Dominos (yeah you can get Dominos pizzas here for as cheap as chips but they’re nowhere near as good as the ones back home). Conclusion: very different Christmas to your average British one.

This was the delicious Christmas diner that my flat mate rustled up!!

First time I’ve sported a Hawaiian shirt on Crimbo day 🌸🌺

I woke up on Boxing Day feeling surprisingly fresh and set off to watch the Ashes at the MCG. I’m not going to lie I didn’t really have a clue what was going on the whole time, I’m not massively into cricket, but the atmosphere was great and the ‘Barmy Army’ were out in full force!

I know this is a bit belated but I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas full of good food, plenty of wine and lots of love 💛.

I’ve been up to a lot since Christmas and can’t wait to fill ya in so keep your eyes peeled 👀.



  • Sheila Dring
    7 months ago

    Glad you had a great Christmas Amy, sounds fab, we are really jealous of the weather, still cold here just hoping we don’t get too much more snow, lots of love from Sheila and Brian xx

    • Amy
      7 months ago

      Thanks Sheila it was a great one! I hope you and Brian had a fab Christmas too and hope the weather isn’t too cold to cope with! ❄️ xx

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  • I’ll just be over here, dreaming about which brunch spot to hit next weekend 🤤. (Next weekend cos I’ve gotta work this whole weekend🙄.) Big up to the fellow weekend warriors of the world 👊🏻. If you’re as motivated by food as much as I am the thought of some good grub will get ya through #treatyoself. Lol that it’s only Wednesday and I’m planning my meals for next weekend 🐷. Anyone else’s mind work around food or is it just me... 💭. Anyway I’m blabbering, happy hump day to ya xoxo
  • Had a spontaneous little trip down to Mornington Peninsula yesterday. Dragged ourselves out of bed early to hit Arthur’s Seat, Cape Schanck and Sorrento 🚘. We spent far too much money on a hire car buuuuttt..... hmm yeah can’t justify that one we were just plain stupid. Should have read the terms and conditions but we didn’t 🙄. Anywaaayyy had a lush day, Jim drove the whole way and I was dj mystro and it was fab 🕺🏻.
  • Approx 5 mins after this pic was taken the heavens opened and I ended up looking like a drowned rat 👍🏻. Just another typical day in Melbourne 🙃
  • Jim capturing the sheer joy I was feeling earlier in Fawkner Park cos OMG SO MANY DOGS 🐶. Happy Sunday to ya 🌟
  • Forever getting caught in the act 🐷. It was a choccy muffin in case you’re wondering and it was lush 🤤. Ps just wrote a new blog post about my wonderful 85yr old great aunty. Go check it out if you fancy a browse ✌🏻🙃
  • Asked for a cider and black the other night at the pub but the barmaid said they didn’t have blackcurrant so offered me cranberry juice instead...🤨 Excited to get back up north in a couple of weeks and share tacky drinks with my pals who also love tacky drinks. U know who u are sistas 🍻😘
  • Had a mooch around the MoMA exhibition at the NGV this weekend, ‘twas great! Such a wet one on Sunday but it was well worth getting drenched for ☔️👍🏻✌🏻
  • So apparently it’s the queen’s birthday today but only in Australia... but apart from it’s not the queen’s birthday, like anywhere in the world🤨. Anyway, birthday or no birthday the Aussies have decided to have a long weekend for the occasion. God save the Queen 👸🏻 🇬🇧 and keep having random days off Aus, I like it ✌🏻. Oh and this is the coolest thing I saw today so have a lil bit of that too 🙃

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