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Melbourne to Sydney 🚐

Now life has got a little less hectic, what with the festive season being over, I’ve got a little bit of time to note down what the past month has had in store. It’s been a bloody good’un!

So, the day after Boxing Day we rocked up at Melbourne Airport to pick up our ‘Hippie’ van and hit the road to Sydney for the NYE fireworks. Our tiny Mitsubishi van was nothing much to look at but it was our little home for 9 nights and I absolutely loved living in this little box of rust on four wheels.


Living in a van and waking up in different places every day is my absolute favorite way to holiday. Normally, I’m not very good at the whole minimalist lifestyle thing, I have a lot of ‘stuff’ (especially clothes) so I tend to struggle on the ‘only taking what you need’ front. BUT being forced to live within the constraints of a 16ft x 5.5ft van really does make you reassess what’s necessary. So, one thing I’m taking from this trip is to get rid of all of the shit I don’t need. It’s only taken me three road trips across two different countries to come to this conclusion, but regardless it’s happening. Operation sort my shit out is currently in progress.


We covered about 900 miles and it took us around 20 hours (over a few days) to reach Sydney. We hit a ton of places on the way up and back down including: Phillip Island, Wilsons Promontory, Metung, Mallacoota, Batemans Bay, Pebbly Beach, Lakes Entrance, Mornington Peninsula and Sydney of course. Although we only had one full day in Sydney we managed to check out the harbour, Bondi beach and Manly beach too. It was a hectic one and I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience the stress of trying to find a parking space at Bondi beach on New Year’s day 😂. Absolutely worth it though! Bondi gets a ton of attention but Manly beach was absolutely beautiful too and I would definitely recommend paying it a visit if you are ever over on that side of the world. Whilst we were in Manly for the grand total of about 4 hours we also managed to meet up with some friends from home which was so so so nice!! A little dose of the North went down a treat.

I definitely feel that I need to visit Sydney again. This trip was a bit whistle stop when it came to Sydney because we opted to spend more time at the little beach towns on the way up rather than spend it in the city. I was a bit citied out to be honest was was loving the slower pace of the coastal towns.


What a view this was to wake up to! And it was free!! We stayed in Port Albert (this exact spot👆🏼) twice, one night on the way up the coast and one night on the way back down. It was such a lush spot and only a stone’s throw away from a wonderful seafood restaurant. I obviously opted for the seafood linguine 👇🏼. I could eat this all over again right now 🤤.


After a whole 3 months in Aus I hadn’t seen a Kangaroo, so when these little fellas popped up at Wilsons Prom the camera came straight out! We went on a walk through ‘the bush’ where there was a ton of Kangaroos just chilling in their natural habitat and it was fabulous, we saw loads of them! Although, the amount of flies was overwhelming, the bug spray didn’t even keep them away!


This is Metung, one of the many pretty coastal towns we passed through. How picturesque!


Another fave campsite of ours that we also stayed at twice and was also free!! Jim took one for the team on this morning and made brekkie in the rain…


…whilst I waited in the comfort of BED! Thanks Jim.


On the lookout for Kangaroos at Pebbly beach! This beach was full of really friendly Kangaroos that would come up to you for a stroke. We managed to see some but they didn’t fancy coming to say hi to us ☹️.


So we sunbathed and sunbathed some more ☀️.


Evening chills in the van. We got absolutely addicted to Suduko and the competition got fierce. I know, crazy!


Some Bondi art 🌴.


Experiencing Sydney on NYE is absolutely 100% worth ticking off the list! Sydney really has got the firework game down!!


There was an airshow too before the Fireworks which was as equally as impressive. My heart was in my mouth the whole time. Too many nose dives to handle 😬.


We met this wonderful couple from Holland in the ‘bottle-o’ (the off licence) and we ended up bringing in the New Year with them… and also sneaking some beers into the event with them (we weren’t allowed booze in the section we ended up at). We played the whole tourist card and stuffed a bottle of prosecco and a pack of Victoria Bitter into an ‘I <3 Australia’ tote bag. Yep, I drew the short straw and had to carry it. It worked a treat though and we managed to see the New Year in with a bevvie. PS the bag was bought for the sole purpose of sneaking in the beers, I definitely don’t sport it on a day to day basis 😂.


We attempted a selfie in front of the opera house and you can just about see it.


The sunsets we saw on the road really were top notch, I really miss them! Get me back on the road ASAP!

We didn’t really go out partying a whole lot on the trip because we were often rocking up at a campsite late at night, going to sleep, then heading straight off again in the morning to hit the nearest towns and sights. However, one night, on the way up the coast, we went into what we thought was a restaurant in Mallacoota. Anyway, it ended up having a bit of a party terrace out the back with live music on. Naturally we gravitated towards it and before we knew it we were a good few pints down and dancing in the pouring down rain to classic hits with a reggae twist. We had such a fabulous night. I was chatting to a man the next day at the campsite we were staying on, telling him about our night and it was funny because he knew exactly which pub we were in. Apparently there’s only one main pub with live music on in the whole town. There might only be one but it was a bloody good one 🕺🏻.

The trip was full to the brim with wonderful memories so I decided to make a really quick video of our time on the coast (so I dont bore you with a 17 page post). Check it out! PS I’m no videographer…



  • Beth Nealon
    2 years ago

    More long blogs with pics and vids please🙋🏼🙋🏼 Currently on a 10-6 on me dinner break tryin to hide my happy tears that you’s are having the best time! Looks so amazing, major love to you and Jim! X x x

    • Amy
      2 years ago

      Aww B 💕💞, you’re a bloody babe!! When are you and our Bryners coming out to adventure with us 😬😇. Love you loads xxx

  • Ellie Chapman
    2 years ago

    Ahhhhh so jealous!!! Looks amazing! Looks like you’re having a mint time!!

    • Amy
      2 years ago

      ELLIE! Hope you’re well. Looks like you’re winning the gym game these days gal 🏋🏼‍♀️👊🏻 xxx

  • Paul posthill
    2 years ago

    Fantastic darl

    • Amy
      2 years ago

      Cheers pops 😘 xxx

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