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Some thoughts before moving to the other side of the planet

The 28th of September is fast approaching. This is the day Jim and I are jetting off to live in Melbourne for a bit, how long we don’t know – the uncertainty excites me! We’re moving into a lovely little flat with a couple we know, who are also infected with the travel bug, and we can’t wait!

Although all of the important stuff is sorted – we have a place to live, flights booked and visas ready, I’m not gonna lie, I’m shitting myself! Shitting myself in the sense that I’m moving to the other side of the planet, away from all of my nearest and dearest (bar Jim, he’s stuck with me) and I’m going to miss them all like mad! I come from a really close knit clan so not being able to see my family whenever I want will be strange to say the least.

Having said that, with Facetime, Skype and all of the other media platforms I’m totally not worried about not speaking to family and friends back home. They can’t get rid of me that easily! I won’t be able to chat to them as often as I’d like to because of the time difference but I’m more than happy to get up mega early to get my weekly dosage of Posthill crack over Skype!

Though the excitement is building and I’m craving the challenge, the thought of leaving my dog, Frankel, is a bit too much to handle. No word of a lie, I’ve welled up several times whilst spooning him in his bed. Is that weird? Nah, I don’t care if it is, I’m gonna really bloody miss his skinny little face (he’s a whippet ya see). But, with my phone wallpaper already changed to the lanky bugger, plenty of printed out pics of him, oh and regular family Skypes already scheduled, I’m going to suck it up and get regular updates of how cute he is being via the family WhatsApp group. I sound like I’m more bothered about leaving my dog than my family don’t I? But the difference is I can’t call Frankel. Lol.

Those worries aside I can’t bloody wait to embark on this Aus adventure!! What’s that saying? ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’. I couldn’t agree more with these wise words. At the moment, at home, I’m absolutely completely comfortable and content with life but I’m a strong believer in pushing yourself out of the boundaries of your comfort zone. So, I’ve decided to not just move out of home, or change my job… nope, I’m doing both but on the other side of the planet, at the same time #prayforposthill. Leaving your comfort zone only extends its boundaries and I’m so excited to see what this brings along with it. Hopefully new adventures, friends and most importantly memories.

If you can’t pack up and bugger off to go and live in Australia when you’re 23, when the bloody hell can you? I’ve always wanted to go and live in Aus for a bit and now it’s actually happening, on Thursday, IT’S MAD 😬!

Yep we go on Thursday and there is absolutely nothing in my suitcase as of yet, obviously. I’m the last minute type, so no doubt I’ll be packing my whole life into my 23kg baggage allowance well into the evening of the 27th. I totally plan to not be in this situation but I know me better than anyone and I’d be lying to myself if I wasn’t expecting a 10pm run to Asda to get last min bits and bobs on Wednesday evening.

So yeah, I’m shitting myself and also mega excited. The best memories are made between the pages of a passport and all that. STAY TUNED.



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