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Two months in

How the bloody hell have two months passed already?! Cannot believe how quickly the time is going. I feel like I start every blog post along the same ‘shock horror’ lines of how fast the time goes… but it really does fly when you’re having fun!

Unfortunately I’m not writing this post whilst catching a tan, instead I’m cooped up inside because it’s bloody freezing. I’m sure I’ve said this in past posts too but the weather in Melbourne is rather unpredictable. It was the first day of summer on the 1st of December and we’ve just come out of a three day heavy downpour, lol. Apparently this weather isn’t the norm for summer so I suppose that’s good. To be honest though, these past three cooler days have been a welcome change. It was around the 35-37ºC mark all of last week! I’m a Northerner, I need to be broken in gently to that sort of heat. RAIN ON ME!

Despite the boiling hot/pouring rain weather I’ve managed to fit in a fair bit of exploring these past couple of weeks, along with working a load of hours at the cafe. We went to Brighton beach the other weekend. It’s funny because loads of the places have the same names as places back home, like Brighton, Chelsea, Blackburn, Camberwell, Cheltenham, Kensington and there’s even a Newcastle (along with tons more). I can’t compare Brighton beach with the one back home in the UK because I’ve never been (as if I’ve never been to Brighton beach?!) but the one over here is pretty nice. There’s heaps of colourfully decorated beach huts that line the shore and give it that cool, old fashioned kind of feel. I could walk up and down the beach for ages and not get bored, different huts pop out at you every time you walk past. They’re really unique but absolutely extortionate it you wanna buy one. I thought they’d be a couple of grand MAX. Anyway, turns out they can be as much as $300,000!!!! It’s a bloody shed (a cool looking shed but still?!).

The Botanic Gardens are another cracking way to spend a sunny day in the city. A couple of Saturdays ago we spent the full day there just chilling…. and eating a rather large picnic we put together, of course.

*This was but a small portion of the picnic*

*This is a face of pure joy*

The Night Noodle Markets were a fun eve. If you ever find yourself in Melbourne when these are on, they are deffos worth a visit! They’re full of Asian market stalls selling delicious food. Both Jim and I absolutely demolished an ‘Aussie Special’ noodle dish, it was special alright.

We’re both loving a night market at the moment, the Victoria Summer Night Market is the way we spend our Wednesday evenings these days. This is again full of really reallllly good food and from all over the globe. Last week I had Cajun chicken and it was delicious! I suppose if the market is a foodie one we’ll be there 🐷. There’s tons of little stalls too at the Vic Night Market where you can buy ‘bits’. You know what I mean by ‘bits’ don’t ya? Like I found christmas cards with wooden kangaroos and koala bears on them and they came off the card transforming into baubles to hang on your Christmas tree. That kind of thing… They were bloody expensive though!!! Sorry Mam, your tree isn’t gonna be featuring a kangaroo this year, the thought was there though (you’d have thought they were tacky anyway… I did a bit).

As well as exploring the nooks and crannies of Melbourne we’ve also been chatting about exploring further afield and hiring a camper van. So anyway that’s exactly what we’ve done and I can’t wait! We’ve got the camper van for 9 nights and we’re going to head up to Sydney for New Year. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to see the fireworks in Sydney on New Year’s Eve. They always show it on the telly back home before Big Ben strikes 12 don’t they and it’s always been on my bucket list. How exciting!! We don’t know the exact route we’re going take yet but even if we did we would probably change it last minute.

More imminent exciting news is that our mate from home is coming out to stay with us on Sunday for two weeks so that’ll be fun! Hartlepool massive in Melbourne… that kinda has a ring to it. Also Cath, Jim’s Mam, has booked to come out and see us in February! It’s all very exciting having visitors but I’m going to have to do the tour guide thing and I still get lost on a daily basis. Wish me luck!



  • Mick
    2 years ago

    Top lass enjoy darling x

  • Catherine Leslie
    2 years ago

    Exciting stuff Amos, can’t wait to see some of this in February. What a way to celebrate my 60th birthday. Miss you guys but hey keep living the dream xx

  • Uncle John
    2 years ago

    It all looks and sounds fantastic darl have a great time

  • Gary Gelson
    2 years ago

    Living the dream!
    Enjoy every minute you two.

    XX from SA

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