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We Moved!

Sooooo what have I got to tell ya… the main thing is we moved! We did it. It was a struggle but Jim and I managed to lug all that we own over here, on our own, across the city using public transport (would not recommend) and with a little help from our mate Nick (would recommend). Nick is a handy man we found online and he ended up being an absolute lifesaver. You’d think because we could only bring 30kg worth of luggage each, the move would be easy. Like, just pack your case and get over yaself hun 🙄but I’m telling you, we’ve accumulated so much shit which makes it so much harder than that!

I’m blabbering, let’s start at the beginning. When we landed in Melbourne we landed on our feet really because we managed to move straight into an apartment. A lot of travellers move into a hostel when they first arrive in Aus and kind of just figure it out from there. This is definitely a good way to do it because it means you meet lots of people and establish a social circle straight away. Having said that, we didn’t really fancy staying in a hostel and figuring it out from there because we read and heard that sometimes you can end up living in hostels for months before you manage to ‘figure it out’. I don’t mind staying in hostels at all but I don’t know how I’d hold up living in one for months at a time. Where would I chill with cucumbers on my eyes. Kidding (not kidding).

So, our home for the first 6 months was on the 36th floor of number 288 Spencer Street. It was such a lush place to live. The views of the city at sunset were on another level. We had such a great time living on Spencer Street but when the 6 months were up we parted ways with our flatmates (we met through working at summer camp in the USA, hence why we skipped the hostel part) and Jim and I headed off to find a place as a duo.

The views were lovely from up here but it did get a bit windy sometimes.

We looked at so many flats but settled on one on St Kilda Road. My ears don’t pop every time I come home now because we’re only on the 3rd floor. I like that. The flat was unfurnished so we had to kit the whole thing out ourselves. This was a challenge. Zero exaggeration. It was fun that we had a blank canvas to play with but difficult because we don’t intend on settling here so didn’t want to spend a heap on furniture and decorations. We managed though and didn’t break the bank. It’s amazing what a few candles, throws and cushions can do to make a place look and feel homely.

The place we now call home ⬆️.


I reckon we made about 6 visits to IKEA in one week 👍🏻.

So yeah, it’s all very homely at this end and I love coming home from a hard day’s work and cooking a hearty meal in our little kitchen and binging Netflix on our little sofa (currently obsessed with Queer Eye thanks to a bestie’s recommendation – if you haven’t seen it, watch it!). The slog was worth it.

Me in my natural habitat. Dressing gown on, make up off, hair up, Netflix playiiiiinnnn ✌🏼.

Like I said earlier, Jim and I did the move solo using public transport, yeah you heard me, public friggin transport. I reckon we did about 10 journeys loaded up with about five of those big blue IKEA bags each. It really is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated: clothes, camping gear, bedding, books, games, chairs, a desk… the list goes on. Each journey consisted of a train and then a tram so it wasn’t even as easy as just jumping on and off a train then you’re there. Nah. We had to get on the train, get out of the train station, walk to the tram stop then get on sometimes packed trams to get here.

Once we’d delivered all of the stuff we could manage on our own we assessed the situation. After much deliberation over whether or not we could carry a mattress on the train and tram (this sounds absolutely hilarious cos obviously you can’t bloody do that but honestly this was a serious discussion Jim and I had) we decided to take to AirTasker for some help from a local. We’d never used this in the UK but it’s SUCH a good app. Basically you post what you need some help with and the price you’re willing to pay then people bid to do the Job for you. This is how we met Nick. He rocked up at our old flat in his pickup truck and we stuffed all that we had left to move in it. The ride wasn’t comfortable at all because I was sat in the middle with things piled high on my lap, BUT we did it. We got here in one piece and after several journeys in the lift everything we own was on the floor of our new living room.

We didn’t know the carpet was blue until about a week after we moved in. We were both working so moved in our spare time but once it was all done, we cracked open a bottle of wine and asked how the hell we did it all without the help of our parents. We’d have had so many hands and cars to help us if we were back at home. Anyway, we managed, so here’s to another 6 months in Melbourne 🍻.



  • Zoe
    1 year ago

    Amazing Amy..
    You guys are amazing people and deserve the world.. and Australia is definitely giving you that.

  • Ellie Chapman
    1 year ago

    I would have really loved a vlog of you guys moving a bloody mattress across Melbourne hahaha!

    • Amy
      1 year ago

      Hahaha I should’ve filmed it Ellie! The whole thing was an experience… comfy mattress though so well worth it 😂 xx

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