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When Cath came to town

*I wrote this post weeks ago and forgot to post it. I blame it on the stress of moving flat🤷🏻‍♀️*

Well, what a treat these past couple of weeks have been. We had Jimmy’s Mam, Cath, in town and it was so lovely to have a dose of home on the flip side! She was only here for 13 nights and wanted to see as much as she could so we gave it a bloody good go and managed to cover 3 states in 13 days!! It was fabulous!

Cath landed in Melbourne, so we ticked Victoria off the list no bother ✅. After a few days showing Mrs L around our fave spots in the city we ventured to Queensland ✅ where it got VERY hot, very quickly!

We stayed in a little corner of the world called Jubilee Pocket, just a stone’s throw from Airlie Beach. It was absolute bliss! Like it really really was BLISS! Our apartments were up in the trees with the cockatoos and it made for such a wonderful spot to wake up in every morning. The hotel was called Mango House and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone thinking of venturing to Airlie beach!

When we weren’t eating and drinking (obvs sussing the food joints out was our my priority) we were taking in the sights that Airlie Beach had to offer. We didn’t have to go far to get some pretty spectacular views.


We wasted no time and spent our first day aboard the Derwent Hunter, a sailboat that sails through the Whitsundays daily, taking eager tourists like us to the most beautiful spots! We sailed out to a couple of the offshoots of the Great Barrier Reef and oh my days I felt like I was in Finding Nemo. I wish life above the sea was even just half as bright as life under it! I’d never been snorkelling before but I’ve already taken it up as one of my new hobbies, it was so much fun!



Cath and I unintentionally coordinated outfits 💁🏻💁🏻. I also had a terrible breakout thanks to the suncream. Ya win some ya lose some 🤷🏻‍♀️.

I would say I’m quite a strong swimmer but when I had to slide backwards off a little speed boat in a stingray suit, a snorkel and huge flippers on my feet, well… cue the Bridget Jones moment 👍🏻. I all of a sudden forgot how to swim, completely. I don’t know what came over me… Like I said I’ve never really been one to panic in water but I panicked alright, I think it was because my nose was covered (and obviously I tried breathing through my nose) and I wasn’t used to the flippers. Anyway, once I’d shouted to the fella in the speedboat, in an embarrassingly nasally voice, to chuck me a pool noodle there was no stopping me…


So, when we were at the first drop off, one of the tour guides in the boat was shouting to us to go and see a huge manta ray that had decided to come for a swim. Without really thinking much I tailed the guy who spotted it and after about 2 minutes of swimming I thought I was out of luck. And then from nowhere this HUGE manta ray came swimming right up in front of me!! Up until this point I wasn’t scared… and then at exactly this point I shit myself!! I let out a yelp but tried to stay as still as I could.

When I came up, I found that I was the only one who was scared so shouted to the guide ‘CAN THAT THING KILL ME?!?!?’, to which she replied ‘oh no, manta rays are the gentle giants of the ocean!’.

I managed to get some GoPro footage of the ‘gentle giant’ and you can see I lose my nerve when it gets a little too close for comfort… the footage is a bit wobbly. All the same though you can see it!

After all of the excitement we headed to the second drop off for more action. The second drop off was SO much better than the first with so many more fish and brightly coloured coral, but sod’s law my bloody GoPro died. You’ve just gotta trust me when I say it was pretty spectacular!

After three amazing days up in Queensland we headed back to Melbourne just in time for the Victoria Night Markets, my fave, so we took Cath their and guess what we did… ate a load of good food obvs. I was in a waffle coma all night and had no regrets what so ever!

Funny story though – as we were sat munching away on waffles it dawned on us that our flight to Sydney the next morning wasn’t from the airport that is just a stone’s throw from the city… Nope, it was from the other airport that’s about an hour’s drive out of the city. The get up time that morning was EARLY. I think it was around 3.30am if I remember rightly. It was very tough but very worth it for a day trip to Sydney.

So yeah, the next morning at 3.30am off we went to Sydney for the day. And there’s the third state ticked off the list, New South Wales ✅.



Jim was on the better side of the table for the photo op this time.


We had such a lush time having Cath over and we managed to cram in so much to 13 nights! I hope you’re relaxing now Cath, you bloody deserve a stint of doing nothing after such a crazy couple of weeks.





  • Ellie Chapman
    2 years ago

    This all looks INSANE!!! So jealous!! Hope the move went well and everything is now stress free!! xxx

    • Amy
      1 year ago

      Thanks Ellie!! We’re just about sorted… just missing a dining table so eating dinner every night on our laps. Keeping it classy as per 💁🏻. Hope you’re well gal, it looks like you’ve done a cracking job of your place! Looks so cosy from this pics I’ve seen! xxx

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